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Medicare Enrollment Don’t Procrastinate

Medicare Enrollment | Don’t Procrastinate !

It’s New Year’s Day 2024, and I didn’t plan for this to be the first post for this year, but I haven’t heard anyone else talking about it, and it’s IMPORTANT.

If you don’t know anything about Medicare, my friend, you should first know that there are dates and deadlines.

Let’s not wait until the last minute to enroll or make changes ─ because if something goes wrong with your application, you need to allow yourself plenty of opportunity to recover.

Five o’clock on a Friday going into a holiday weekend is not the ideal time to tidy up your Medicare plan.

Here’s why this matters …

I’m helping a gentleman ─ we’re not going to mention names ─ his Advantage plan dropped the doctors and hospital he trusts.

These folks missed the Annual Election Period ─ and the first I heard from them was the Friday before Christmas weekend.

Ensuring all his providers were still in-network was complicated. So, I spent hours corresponding with a carrier and his providers over the week, many of whom were away for the holiday.

So when we finally got to enrolling them into a new plan, it was the end of the last business day of the year.

Yesterday morning, I logged on to check the status of his application. Well, the carrier’s system kicked it out for some mysterious reason, and there’s no one available to cure the problem over another holiday weekend.

Here’s what’s on the line, though. This gentleman has bi-weekly infusion treatments, sort of like chemotherapy.

For him, continuity of care is essential. They can’t just stop and wait another month for authorizations.

Add to that, every time he walks through the door at that hospital, it’s $16-THOUSAND dollars ! … do the math, that’s over $400-THOUSAND dollars a year.

He has wonderful people working with him all the way around, so I’m sure we’ll get everything worked out.

BUT – all the drama and stress might have been avoided with a little more of a time cushion before their deadline.

Things like this may NOT always work out, though. So, do YOURSELF a favor ─ and everyone who wants to help you.

Stay on top of your Medicare. Watch those dates and deadlines. Those matter ─ and YOU matter ─ and we want to take care of YOU.

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