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Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans | The True Cost of ZERO-PREMIUM

Medicare Advantage plans – the ones with the magic words “zero-dollar premiums.”

You’re thinking – “Nothing in life is free!” … and you’re absolutely right.

So, what’s the deal with these ZERO-dollar premiums?

Advantage plans, that’s Medicare Part C, are offered by private insurers ─ they’re the ones with the ads promising NO monthly premiums.

But realistically … we all know someone’s got to foot the bill. So, who’s paying for this?

When YOU enroll in an Advantage plan, you’re shifting responsibility for your medical expenses from Uncle Same to a private insurance carrier.

Believe me, those insurance folks aren’t doing it out of the goodness of their hearts ─ they’re getting their money from Medicare for everyone they sign up.

AND ─ despite the allure of zero-dollar premiums ─ like an iceberg, there are hidden costs beneath the surface. They’re there ─ you might not see them right away.

For starters, you need to stay enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B ─ and YOU still pay your Part B premium.

You have deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance ─ that means you’re parting with some cash.

So, they may not charge you upfront every month, but when you need medical care, those out-of-pocket costs add up … and suddenly “zero” doesn’t look so free.

You’d want to be aware of these costs when weighing your options. Besides choosing between Advantage plans, you’ll have another alternative to consider ─ a Medigap Supplement.

Not trying to persuade you one way or another ─ but comparing an Advantage plan to Medigap is like choosing between a wild Mustang and a trusty Clydesdale.

Advantage plans are the flashy mustangs ─ and they CAN be unpredictable.

On the other hand, Medigap Supplements are reliable Clydesdales ─ they’re strong and steady about how they cover the gaps for you.

Let’s talk about costs. How do Advantage plans stack up against Medigap ?

Advantage plans offer loads of benefits and have lower monthly premiums ─ maybe ZERO ─ BUT they come with strings attached. They play hard to get with provider networks and get you with higher cost-sharing.

On the other hand, with Medigap, you’ll need to get your own standalone prescription drug plan, and it costs a lot more upfront BUT covers most of what Original Medicare doesn’t without a lot of the hassles.

PLUS, you have the flexibility to choose your own doctors and hospitals without referrals. For many people, that’s a freedom worth paying for.

Think about it like a coach seat on a budget airline versus flying first class. Advantage plans have a lower ticket price, but there are baggage fees – in this case, limited provider networks and higher cost-sharing.

Medigap plans, though pricier, are like flying first class. They don’t nickel and dime you at that point – you get a bigger seat and maybe a little respect.

The stakes are higher in this case because we’re talking about your healthcare. Knowing the trade-offs with these ZERO-PREMIUM Advantage plans puts YOU in control.

I help a lot of people with Advantage plans ─ MOST people ─ and there are some very good features about them. They ARE rich in benefits. But what works best for YOU is something YOU decide ─ and that all depends on your personal situation.

Whatever you do ─ we want YOU to make well-informed decisions … about your Medicare coverage.

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