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Medicare Health Plans - Tallahassee FL

Hey Tallahassee, Florida! Welcome to HEARTWISE ─ where manatees and medical coverage meet!

Forget the headaches and confusion of deciphering Medicare alone. With HEARTWISE, it’s all about simplicity. We’ll demystify the complexities, empowering you to make informed decisions. At HEARTWISE, we’re your trusty navigators, ready to guide you through the enrollment process with a splash of humor and a boatload of expertise. After all, who said Medicare had to be boring?

From Medigap Supplements to Medicare Advantage Plans, Part D prescription drug coverage, and even dental plans, we’ve got it all.


Say farewell to unexpected out-of-pocket expenses with our Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans [MEDIGAP]. They’re like a sturdy shield, helping to protect you from surprising costs.


HEARTWISE will help you navigate through a virtual ocean of Medicare Advantage Plans to find the one that suits your healthcare needs and budget. Our range of Advantage plans will have you grinning like a gator on a sunny day. Advantage plans come with additional features to keep you sailing smoothly through life. You’ll discover healthcare coverage that feels like a warm hug from a manatee (they give the best hugs, trust us).


Now, let’s talk about medications. We all know how pricey they can be. But fear not! Medicare Part D prescription drug plans are here to save the day (and your wallet). We’ll review your meds and help you explore coverage options. It’s our complimentary service, just for you.


At HEARTWISE, we’ve mastered the art of making Medicare less intimidating and more enjoyable. We’re here to be your trusty guides through the jungle of eligibility and enrollment, helping you find tailored solutions that make your Medicare journey brighter than the Florida sun. Your healthcare future starts here, surrounded by manatees, stunning scenery, and a Medicare agency that’s got your back.

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