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Bridging the Gaps in Medicare

Bridging the Gaps in Medicare

What do Medigap Supplement plans cover ?

Have you ever heard of a Medicare Supplement plan, also known as “Medigap?”

Private insurance companies offer these plans. They’re not standalone Medicare plans. They only work in conjunction with Original Medicare.

Here’s what Medigap Supplement plans may help pay …

Here are some of the costs that Medicare supplement plans may help with and some that they may not.

  • Part A Deductible: Medigap may help cover this initial cost.
  • Part A Hospital Coinsurance: For those times when you need extended hospital care.
  • Part A Skilled Nursing Facility Care Coinsurance: Assistance with those essential skilled nursing services.
  • Part B Coinsurance or Copays: Helping you manage the costs of outpatient care.
  • Cost of Blood Transfusions (first 3 pints): Making sure you don’t have to worry about the blood you need.
  • Costs for 365 Extra Hospital Days: Extending your coverage for extended stays.
  • Hospice Care Coinsurance: Ensuring you’re supported during those difficult times.
  • Foreign Travel Emergency Care (up to plan limits): Offering peace of mind when you’re far from home.
  • Provider Charges Above Medicare’s Approved Amount: Some plans cover rare extra charges that can sneak up on you.

Medigap Supplement plans do NOT help cover …

You might be wondering what Medigap plans won’t cover. It’s equally important to know what Medigap plans won’t help you with:

  • Prescription Drugs: You’ll need a separate Part D plan for this.
  • Long-Term Care and Custodial Care (assistance with bathing, eating, dressing): Not covered, but you could explore other types of specialized insurance.
  • Routine Dental, Vision, or Hearing Care (including eyeglasses, contacts, or hearing aids): Some plan providers may offer value-added services for free or on a discounted basis, but they’re not part of the Medigap plan directly.

So, you see that a Medigap Supplement helps pay for coverage already provided by Original Medicare – and may extend it in some cases, as with extra hospital days. Medigap Supplement plans can help with Part A deductibles, Original Medicare copays, coinsurance and provider excess charges, cost of blood transfusions, and cost of foreign travel emergencies.

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